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We’re creating a sustainably connected Europe, together.

We’re creating a sustainably connected Europe, together.

At Vantage Towers, we’re dedicated to transforming Europe with more efficient, sustainable, high-quality and wide-reaching connectivity than ever before. As a company of industry leaders and pioneers, it’s our passion and mission to enable a better connected, digital Europe.

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Veronica Roch Fierro

“As we are a small company (in terms of the number of employees), you can clearly see the effect of your work on the results of the company. You feel that what you do matters, that your work is recognised and that you can feel very proud of what you do. It’s a growing company full of opportunities.”

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Marius Baciu

“My colleagues – the human factor – are the most important source of inspiration for me at Vantage Towers. I’m always brainstorming ideas to bring about more business visibility and decision support, and my goal is that no one has a question without an answer in this company.”

Florian Mayer

“Seeing our towers in real life shows me the connection between the data world and the achievements of our rollout colleagues in the field. This inspires me to go further in constructing modern data infrastructure within our company.”

Athina Kalidoni

“My inspiration derives from the values that the company and its people stand for – as well as its goals – which lead towards changing the way that people all over Europe communicate.”

Ronan Byrne

“The experience within the team is second to none. I joined Vantage Towers in December 2020, so it was vital I joined a welcoming, knowledgeable, and experienced team in the telco industry for me to be able to hit the ground running. I am pleased to say that my expectations were not only met but were actually exceeded.”

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With us you will get great benefits

We set ourselves the goal to make Humanity as the center of our actions, so we make your life more convenient through our benefits.

Attractive remuneration and additional benefits

At Vantage Towers, you’ll not only get a great position with an attractive remuneration package, but you’ll also get a range of additional benefits based on your working location.

Hybrid working models

The world has changed – so too have our working models. From flexitime to remote work, we know it’s a new world out there. So, depending on job type and location, we’re able to offer a modern range of full-time and part-time positions.

Excellent healthcare and fitness benefits

We offer a variety of healthcare packages to help you tackle life with peace-of-mind. In some locations we also provide on-site facilities to help keep you fresh, including healthcare services, fitness centres, and workout classes.

Comprehensive continuing education

Education is a life-long journey! Enrol in our online university courses or available training sessions and take practical steps towards advancing your professional development!

International career and exchange opportunities

With our internal skill mobility program, you have the opportunity to get involved with an exciting array of international projects from across our European markets. Where will Vantage Towers take you next?


It’s our mission to build a sustainable digital future for the people of Europe – and we want you to be a part of it! All employees are encouraged to have their say on how we advance our green ways of working and living.

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We believe open and diverse collaboration is essential
We take responsibility

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